The Eight Annual Shopping Cart Parade is here!!


For the past seven years we have participated in this fun and unique food drive. 

All proceeds benefit United Against Poverty which not only provides hunger relief, but also provides crisis counseling, education and employment training for our local community. 


We're looking for local businesses and organizations to get involved!!


It's so simple!!


First, fill out and submit the form below.

Next, we'll deliver a shopping cart to you. 

After that, raise enough food to fill the shopping cart. Make it overflow!

Then, decorate the cart. Go crazy! Let those creative flags fly! 

Finally, show it off!! March with us in the Eight Annual Shopping Cart Parade at the Hibiscus Festival on April 8th!! 


This is a magnificent opportunity to help needy residents here on the Treasure Coast.


We look forward to sharing this wonderful experience with you!! 


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